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Getting Ready to Start Primary 1

Suggested Activities to Extend your Child’s Learning at Home

·Talk to your child about their experiences at Nursery and what they are looking forward to in August when they start Primary 1.

· Encourage them to tell you how they are feeling about the move. Listen to any worries they may have and offer reassurance. Answer their questions simply, clearly, carefully and truthfully.

· Help your child develop independence by encouraging him/her to change into outdoor clothing and shoes with as little support as possible.

· Reading to your child ten minutes a day is one of the most important ways parents can help their child read. Picture books with few or no words can be used to encourage children to describe what they see and predict what might happen next.

· Encourage your child to scribble and draw using pens, pencils,crayons chalk etc. Let them use whatever hand they prefer and don’t dismiss scribbling. Scribbling is to writing as babbling is totalking.

· Give your child lots of praise and show them you value their work by displaying their writing and pictures.

· When your child shows interest in writing their name encourage them to use lower case letters apart from the first letter e.g. Amy.

· Let your child see you writing and discuss why you are writing to help him/her understand that writing has a purpose.

· Sorting and matching games help children think about size, shape, colour and number. Pairing up socks, shoes, dishes, cutlery and clothes can be fun.

· Help your child identify numbers in the environment – bus numbers, car number plates, clock faces and price tags. Count items around the house and play board and card games.

· Measuring things around the house using everyday objects helps children get ready for maths. Talking about long, short, heavy, light, full and empty helps children understand the language of measure.